Saturday, November 25, 2017
img 2181 0175 400pxSince my early childhood I have always had a desire to explore the world of fitness. What first started as a hobby quickly grew into a way of life. I realized that there is so much more to personal training. It is more than the physical, it is mental and spiritual as well. Here at Phat Body Gym we want to make sure that we help the whole person.

The whole person approach here starts with the physical, being a gym we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Helping people to achieve their goals is not only rewarding for the client but for the gym and trainer as well. Setting and reaching goals helps to motivate people in all aspects of their life, not just the physical.

Once a person is motivated to make a change in their physical life, other changes always follow. That is why we also offer Bible Study at our Southwest location the first three Friday nights of the month. Helping people to strengthen their spirit adds to the success of our program. Building a personal relationship with God makes all things in your life more attainable.

Once your body is right, and you develop and maintain your relationship with God, there is a sense of calmness and peace that comes into your life. When you have peace in your life, the mental clarity you have puts you in a position to be more productive.

This training approach has helped people from all walks of life. I have trained pagent contestants, professional athletes, television and radio personalities as well as local politicians. All clients are treated with the same level of dignity and respect.

Failure is not an option here at Phat Body Gym, to ensure our client’s success we have created our own line of nutritional products, Phat Body Nutrition to help with the physical, we have bible study to help with the spiritual, and the one on one personal training helps to keep the client focused and on track. The Phat Body method can work for you, it is our goal to train everybody.





Ab Tips

There are many ways to get PHAT ABS, but first you must know your body and your:

  • Limitations
  • Focus: Don't focus on what everybody else is doing
  • Consistency: You must be consistent in an AB routine
  • Eating: What you eat is more important than the workout
  • Burn: When you are doing your reps, make sure that you experience a burn and not a hurting pain


Phat Body Videos

Check out a few of our videos. Tips on proper weightlifting techniques and much more.